Welcome to a new Cornish Pasty Co. Blog

CPC News by Cornish Pasty Co on February 27, 2013

Welcome to the brand new Cornish Pasty Co. blog where we will keep you up to date with all the goings on in Tempe and Mesa as well as our new locations opening soon!

19 responses to “Welcome to a new Cornish Pasty Co. Blog”

  1. steve says:

    We need on of your stores in Las Vegas!

  2. Ezra Sherman says:

    Excellent place to eat, staff is accommodating and pleasant.
    Recommend for either lunch or dinner.
    Kitchen stays hot till midnight.


  3. Mama says:

    My family is there tonight, in Tempe I believe. I’m trying not to drool on the ipad. I cannot wait for Monday when I can finally try a pasty of my own. Although I will have a hard time picking one out, I am up for the challenge.
    Any thoughts on having a location in the Prescott area?

    Mama ; )

  4. gabe says:

    Am excited about your new Cornish Pasty locations. I work by the spot in Scottsdale. There’s not much on the this blog. Can you keep us updated on the openings? Am ready to eat and drink!

  5. John says:

    Hey All, tonight was my first foray into the world of Pasties. I love it. Beats the junk out of a sangwich! Hey, your service was great and the pasty was awesome (well constructed, crispy, and very tasty). I am from out of town but next time I travel to Phoenix I will be back. Oh, and the mushroom walnut spinach soup was phenomenal. As well was the bread. Overall, a very enjoyable dining experience. Thank you very much!

  6. Mary says:

    Visited for the first time this past Sat. Welcome, welcome to Scottsdale, you will be seeing an awful lot of me, great pasties, friendly service, wonderful.


  7. Joan Mooney says:

    When will you be opening your Las Vegas restaurant? A lot of British people here anxious for you to open.

  8. Toni Smith says:

    Need to have delivery for pasties. Do you deliver? Do you know a pasty company in the area that delivers? Thanks. Am from UP, but can’t get to one of your restaurants. TJS

  9. Cornish Pasty Co says:

    First off, sorry! I have only just realized that I have to approve everyone’s comments before they post..

  10. Cornish Pasty Co says:

    Toni, yes we do offer shipping, we are hoping to have our shipping page uploaded soon. But for now, please contact us through the website with your zip code and your choice of pasties for a price. The full menu is available as well as half sized pasties. Our full size weigh about 1lb and half size around 8oz. The price for the half size are half of the regular plus 50c. We ship 2 day air- Mondays – Wednesday.
    Thanks for your interest, Dean

  11. Michele J. says:

    I went here today for the first time and I am already plotting my return! I was a little taken aback by the location. It is in a run-down, old shopping center, which upon entry, would give a reasonable person pause for thought as to whether continuing toward the restaurant would be a smart choice. So, surroundings, British Pub-like decor and initial appearances notwithstanding, I was pleasantly surprised. I arrived during Happy Hour where all beers were a dollar off. The menu was extensive and eclectic – a little bit of something for everyone. Every item on the menu looked appetizing, so I had to explain to my fellow diners that I was going to appear to be greedy by ordering two since I could not make up my mind. Great decision! Both the Spicy Asiago Chicken and the Mexican were awesome!
    I am most definitely a fan. Apparently, I am late to the game, though. By the time I leftthe place was packed and there was a line for people to get in!

  12. steven goebel says:

    interested in franchise information
    i live in palm springs california
    been in the restaurant business for 20 years


  13. Ivy says:

    I used to live in Goodyear and worked in Tempe. I looooooovvvveee pretty much all of your pasties. I’ve been to England, Ireland and other parts of Europe for the last few years and I still think about the last pasty I got, 6 years ago! Please come to Anaheim, CA it’s near Disneyland. Nevada and Arizona is just a bit too far of a drive.

  14. TES says:


    I can’t wait till you start!

  15. Joe A. Della Rocca says:

    I have been told that you are opening a restaurant in Downtown Phoenix. Is there any truth to the rumors? I noticed that you have listed a location in Phoenix listed as “coming soon” but the link takes you to your locations page with no mention of a Phoenix location. Is the location on Monroe Street between Central Avenue and First Avenue?

    Hungry and Excited!

  16. Todd says:

    Will you ever come to NYC?

  17. Deb says:

    Love watching the progress at the downtown Phoenix location! Looking forward to enjoying a pasty at lunch!

  18. Chuck Flagge says:

    I know all about pasties—when living in Milwaukee, I dated a gal who was from Iron River, Michigan. Spent a weekend at her home there and her Mom made a traditional pasty—delicious!!!

    Have lived here in the Phoenix area since 1980 and did not know of your restaurant.

    See you have one in Mesa but do you have one closer—I live in Gilbert (Queen Creek and Higley.

    I only know about you since the article was published about the ignorant black who was in your shop. The good part was that I can now bring my wife there and treat her to “comfort food”.

    Thanks much, Chuck Flagge 490-272-9939

  19. B. Gilmore says:

    Our whole family just loves Cornish Pasty but we live in San Tan Valley and it takes us quite
    awhile to get to any of your locations. Please open a place in Queen Creek, this area is
    growing rapidly with tons of new houses being built, your restaurant would do very well in
    this area. There is an 800+ Fulton Homes community being built on Hunt Highway in
    Queen Creek plus a large Whitewing community in San Tan Valley and many other new
    communities being built. Hope to see a Cornish Pasty in this area soon.

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