Cornish Pasty Co. thumbs nose at meal tradition

Dean Thomas knows a thing or two about pasties. I don’t mean showgirl apparel (pronounced PASTE-ees) but rather the sturdy, hand-held turnovers (PASS-tees) eaten by the tin miners of Cornwall, England, for generations. This is seriously good food from a guy who doesn’t take tradition too seriously. Thomas, who grew up in Cornwall, went to .. read more

A passel of tasty pasties

Thank goodness for diversity. We all benefit from a multicultural gastronomic world. The latest evidence: Cornish Pasty Co. It’s the work of Dean Thomas, a transplanted Englishman from Cornwall who brought his region’s famous pasties (pronounced “pass-tees”) to the Sonoran Desert earlier this year. These luscious baked pastry turnovers have been around since medieval times, .. read more

Cornish Pasty Company mines culinary success

Dean Thomas, owner of the Cornish Pasty Company, has uncovered success in pasties (pronounced pass-tees), the comfort food of the miners in his native England. Looking like jumbo turnovers, traditional pasties are filled with steak, onion, rutabaga and potato, and are referred to as Oggies (rhymes with doggies). “Oggie, oggie, oggie” is what the miners .. read more