Hello, thanks for your interest in placing a shipment order with us! We are currently in the process of updating our shipping operations in order to better serve our customers.
The past several months have affected us all in many ways, and unfortunately our current shipping carrier has been increasingly unable to provide reliable timely deliveries of our orders, causing our pasties to spoil before they can be enjoyed (Cue the song ‘Taps’ 🎺).


We are working on updating our web store and moving to a new carrier that we believe can better serve our needs, and most importantly, yours.

We appreciate your patience during this transition and hope to have our updated operation up and running within the month. Please feel free to check our site for updates, or you are welcome to email with any questions, or to request a notification when we are taking orders again.

Thanks again for thinking of us, we look forward to helping you get your pasty fix soon.