Premium Pasties

Carne Adovada $14.00
New Mexican style pork red chili stew, Mexican rice, hatch chili, and cheddar with sides of sour cream and salsa.

The Chicken Greek $13.00
Chicken breast, spinach, fresh mozzarella, feta, sun-dried tomato, kalamata olive, artichoke and garlic. Served with a side of tahini or tzatziki.

Chicken Tikka Masala (Red Curry) $13.00
Marinated chicken breast, tikka masala sauce, green bell pepper and potato. Choice of minted-yogurt or tahini.

Lamb Vindaloo $14.00
Lamb and potato in a spicy vindaloo sauce. Choice of minted- yogurt or tahini sauce.

Lovely Bit a Salmon $14.50
Marinated salmon, white wine and cream dill sauce, sautéed asparagus, garlic roasted tomato, spinach and red potato.

Peppered Steak $14.50
Sirloin in a peppercorn brandy cream sauce, sautéed portobello, leeks, zucchini and Stilton English bleu cheese.

Pesto Chicken $13.00
Marinated chicken breast, portobello, artichoke, fresh mozzarella and pesto with a side of marinara.

Roast Dinner $14.50
House roasted beef, roasted red potato, candied carrots, sautéed Brussel sprouts, cheese sauce, and rutabaga mash. Served with red wine gravy and horseradish cream.

The Pilgrim $13.50
House roasted turkey, sweet potato, grilled onion and housemade stuffing. Served with red wine gravy and cranberry sauce.

Portobello Chicken $13.50
Chicken, fresh mozzarella, balsamic marinated portobello, roasted red peppers, fresh basil and marinara.

Rosemary Steak or Rosemary Chicken $13.50/$13.00
Rosemary steak or chicken, roasted red potato, roasted red peppers, brie, and rosemary with mustard cream sauce.

Spicy Asiago Chicken $12.50
Spicy chicken, roasted corn, black bean, asiago cheese, hatch chili, and pico de gallo with sides of sour cream and salsa.

The Reuben $13.50
Pastrami, corned beef, housemade sauerkraut and Swiss with a side of 1000 Island.

Guinness Stew $13.50
Beef simmered in a Guinness gravy, with red potato, mushrooms, carrot, and celery. Layered with cheddar, sautéed leeks and cabbage. Served with sour cream and chive.

Roast Beef Sarnie $13.00
House roasted beef, red and green peppers, portobello, onions, Cheddar-Swiss blend. Served with a horseradish sour cream.